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Imperfectly Tuned

Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Coach

Hello! Imperfectly Tuned Counseling is a new start-up therapy practice targeting the “underdogs” in life. Why? Because as a therapist who was once an underdog herself, I want to help encourage those who have been underestimated, discouraged, and who feel that they have not met the expectations that society has imposed on them.

An integrative therapeutic approach will be applied to support individuals in taking the necessary steps towards healing and becoming the best version of themselves. This means use of various therapies and techniques will be used that best supports the needs of an individual. Other approaches and therapies such as music-informed therapy, DBT, and faith-based therapy may be utilized.


At Imperfectly Tuned Counseling, a safe and healthy therapeutic space will be created. Vulnerabilities will be protected and honored. This is a space where crying and laughing is accepted. Expect a session to be filled with assertiveness, honesty, and a little bit of humor.

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